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A little bit of history…

The Manāki story starts with an aspiration to restore and enhance the native species that make up the whitebait catch.  In 2006 Paul Decker, Dr Tagried Kurwie and the team at Mahurangi Technical Institute in Warkworth were successfully able to hatch some of the whitebait species for reintroduction into local streams affected by the development of the Northern Motorway extension.  Over the next 8 years the team successfully developed their ability to breed all of the whitebait species.

In 2014, with the environmental aspirations successfully achieved, New Zealand Premium Whitebait was formed to undertake the commercial development of whitebait farming.

Now after 2 years of further development New Zealand Premium Whitebait is able to produce 100% sustainable, 100% natural Manāki whitebait year round.



Leaving a legacy

Sustainable, quality, fresh whitebait for now and future generations. A new era in New Zealand whitebait.

Manāki means in Maori to look after, care for, show respect or kindness to. New Zealand Premium Whitebait chose the brand to represent its values.
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