Introducing Manāki Whitebait

We are the world’s first sustainable producer of fresh New Zealand whitebait.

Kia ora!

Manāki Premium New Zealand Whitebait is New Zealand’s first and only 100% sustainably produced whitebait.

We all know whitebait is one of Aotearoa’s most iconic foods.  But did you also know that it is also one of our most threatened?

The good news is that after many years of research, we are able to sustainably produce 100% NZ whitebait.  And even better news is we are not limited to producing whitebait during the season. So soon you will be able to get fresh whitebait whenever you feel like it.

And because we know so much about breeding whitebait we are also working with others to enhance wild stocks to ensure these fish survive for future generations.

So next time you feel the need for a whitebait fritter … keep an eye out for us.

Why Manāki Whitebait?

“Manāki” is the Maori word for caring for and supporting others.  Our Manāki brand reflects our view that providing good food plays an important role in being a good host.   Manāki also encompasses the protection of the environment which we are supporting through our environmental partnerships.

When you see Manāki Whitebait you know we promise to deliver –

Highest quality fresh premium whitebait
Consistent product chilled and delivered within 24 hours of harvest to most of Aotearoa
Availability year round is our ultimate goal
Commitment by Manāki to the ongoing sustainability of whitebait and its environment

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The Whitebait Story

Whitebait are the juvenile form of some of New Zealand’s most precious native freshwater fish: inanga, kōaro, banded kōkopu, giant kōkopu and shortjaw kōkopu. While many of us know about whitebait, few people know the full life cycle of the New Zealand whitebait. While the adult fish live in freshwater, whitebait hatch and spend the first 12 weeks living in the ocean.  It is on their return to freshwater that we usually see whitebait as juveniles for the swim upstream to grow into adults.

Four of five whitebait species are considered “threatened” due to declining numbers in our streams. These traditional whitebait habitats are under pressure from runoff, over-fishing, introduced species and human impact.

Through our environmental partnerships we are working to promote the survival of the whitebait species.


Experience Manāki

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For sales enquiries contact sales@whitebait.co.nz.


Leaving a legacy

Sustainable, quality, fresh whitebait for now and future generations. A new era in New Zealand whitebait.

Manāki means in Maori to look after, care for, show respect or kindness to. New Zealand Premium Whitebait chose the brand to represent its values.
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